Re-Application Success

I decided to work with Ann because I was a re-applicant, and I knew I had to put together a much stronger application than before. I’ve now been accepted at my dream school and definitely feel that Ann’s input has had everything to do with this result.

As a re-applicant, I can say that Ann was tremendously helpful in identifying the main weakness of my previous application and developing a smart strategy for how I could maximize my chances this time around. Ann also provided me invaluable help with all other aspects of the application process: perfecting the actual application materials, answering any questions that arose, setting a personalized application timeline, and preparing for interviews.

I was consistently impressed with how thorough she was in reviewing and editing my application materials and how fast she was able to respond whenever I sent in materials for review. To anyone who wants to put their best foot forward in the competitive law school application process, I would most highly recommend working with Ann.