Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Ann is exactly what you want in a law school admissions coach. She’s in your corner, knowledgeable, experienced, a great editor and strategist, encouraging yet realistic, and a sincere person. She also has a quick turn around when it comes to emails. Specifically there are two things that I really appreciated in working with Ann. First of all, Ann breaks up the huge undertaking that is applying to law school. Her milestones in her web-based project management system allow you to “see” the process and enable you to psychologically scale the mountain of applying to law school.

Second, the best thing about working with Ann is that you never question whether you are presenting yourself in the best and most captivating manner, which is really important in this game. By consulting with Ann – an extremely experienced coach – I left each step of the process knowing that I had done everything possible to put my best foot forward. The result was that I was accepted to some great schools, offered scholarships, and am very happy with where I ended up. I’m grateful to have been able to work with Ann and would encourage anyone applying to law school to do the same.