“Powerful” Personal Statement

When I decided to apply to law school, I didn’t think I needed help to get through the law school application process. I was wrong. I absolutely needed help from Ann. Ann was there for me every step of the way from deciding if I should re-take the LSAT to figuring out where to deposit.

What Ann did most of all was help me show each law school what I could offer them. I had a story, but I didn’t know how to tell it, and I definitely didn’t know how to sell myself to an admission committee. I read all of the forums that give suggestions on how to write a personal statement, but Ann didn’t let me fall into the trap of using the gimmicks they suggest in my personal statement. After countless drafts and with Ann’s unending patience, I wrote a personal statement that captured a part of me — something I could not have done without her help.

Even when I had doubts about my application, Ann always reassured me. Her judgment was spot-on every step of the way, and the proof is in the results of my cycle. Not only did I get into a few of my reach schools, I even received a personal note of the Dean of Admissions at a top 25 law school commending me on my “powerful” personal statement. I also received a 3/4-tuition scholarship to a Tier 1 school; an offer which stemmed directly from my personal statement. In further testament to Ann’s help, the scholarship I mentioned was 1 of only 18 extended that year to all applicants (not matriculating students) in that year.

I won’t say that I wouldn’t have gotten into law school without Ann. I will say that I would not have been accepted to as many Tier 1 programs or received nearly as many scholarships offers as I did. Ann’s encouragement and unyielding belief in me was invaluable to me. Having someone that is experienced and knowledgeable at your fingertips will give you confidence, and you absolutely need every edge you can get when applying to law school.