A Personal Note From The Dean

Hey Ann, Just wanted to share this with you. Yesterday I received in the mail a small thank you sized card from University of Detroit. I just assumed it would be an invite to admitted students open house. But it ended up being a mass printed card congratulating me on my acceptance but written on the top half of the card was a nice hand written note from their Dean Marc Gordon.

I don’t have it in front of me but it basically said that he really enjoyed reading about my experiences with the lacrosse team and the story about Alec. He also pointed out that his son was starting lacrosse and that on my next visit I should stop by his office to say hi. I just thought that was amazing that he wrote that himself and actually referred to Alec in his note. I really just wanted to share that with you and not knowing how common that is I think it is a testament to the objectives, ideals, and principles of your system. Thanks again and hopefully more good news to come.