It Was As Though Ann Was Only Working With Me

I remember how upset I was when I received my LSAT score emailed to me, scoring in the mid-150s. I was heavily counting on my LSATs to get my into a decent school since my GPA was a 2.9 from having switched majors 3 years into college, and after various personal struggles. I immediately reached out for an expert opinion to gauge what I should do next, where I should go from there, and how to manage my time. I heard about Ann from a friend and decided to reach out to her and see what she had to say, and within minutes of finding her on the Facebook network, she responded, calmed me down, and called me the next day to plan what I was going to do next. Ann offered me the support, guidance, advice, and hands-on approach I needed in order to manage everything I needed to do although it was “crunch time”. While she was extremely professional, she spoke to me like a friend would and really cared about my goals and success.

Ann really took the time to get to know what I wanted, where I wanted to go, and was extremely genuine and caring. I really felt like I had a someone on my team, helping me tackle through the horrid and time- consuming law school application process. Although Ann works with many other prospective law school students, I always felt like Ann answered my emails and calls promptly, as though she was only working with me.

My favorite thing about Ann working with me through this process is that someone was dedicated to help me get into law school, while I, myself, was running around finishing my senior year of college, writing papers, taking exams, and retaking LSATs. She made me a personalized timeline with every single important deadline indicated, helped me brainstorm and compose my personal statement, and helped me with the addendums I needed to add to explain personal situations I endured throughout college. She helped to bring out my strengths, explain my weaknesses, and I went from feeling like a poor candidate to a decent candidate by the time my applications went out. Ann was so dedicated in helping to tailor, re-tailor, retype, re-edit all my documents for each school depending on what they wanted and made sure that everything was perfect by the time I submitted to law schools. She helped me navigate the LSAC website, get in my letters of recommendation, and helped put together a resume for me that I could send out although I did not have very many strengths to initially write in it.

Working with Ann was undoubtedly the best decisions I have made, and I am positive that I would not have gotten into Hofstra (I was below the 25th percentile) without her. By highlighting my strengths, I earned a $10,000/year scholarship which I never expected! Essentially, by earning this scholarship, Ann’s fees (the best investment I have made thus far) paid for themselves! On top of that, I received a handwritten note from the Dean of the law school letting me know how impressed he was with my application and my personal statement. During this nerve-wracking, anxious time — it is nice to know someone is more than willing to see you through and offer their expertise along the way. I truly recommend Ann to future law applicants!