Ann Will Nit-Pick Until It’s Perfect

After scoring a 148 on the LSAT I began to think I would have to settle for a lower quality school than I had initially hoped to attend. Ann makes you realize that your score isn’t the end-all-be-all. Through a detailed questionnaire she was able to tailor a unique strategy for me. In my case, the approach was to highlight my academic accomplishments and extracurricular activities as an underrepresented minority. She knows the exact format the admission reps want your resume presented in and will knit-pick the smallest details until it’s perfect.

As for the personal statement, trust her, don’t read other people’s. This allows you to speak in your own voice and let the reader to have a true connection to your story. Ann will pry things out of you in a way that may even seem offensive at first, but in the end it is to get you that perfect statement. I am a firm believer that the package she helped me create is what got me into 10 out of the 16 schools I applied to (including one waitlist status). If I would have done it on my own it is very unlikely that I would have been admitted to Univ. of South Carolina, West Virginia, or FIU. Do yourself a favor and hire an expert. Ann Levine truly is the law school expert and her services are worth every penny!