On Track and On Schedule

I took an LSAT class and hired an LSAT tutor before I found Ann Levine, and I have absolutely no doubt that hiring her was the best thing I did in the whole process. First of all, she is a great and very fast editor. I’ve been a professional writer for 14 years and still what she did with my personal statement made it a hundred times better.

Another great thing about Ann is that she has lots of experience as a law school admissions officer, so you literally can’t find anyone anywhere who knows more about what admissions officers are looking for because she actually spent years looking for it herself. Many people will tell you what admissions officers are looking for, but what do they really know? They haven’t been there; Ann has. Having that confidence in her judgment was the whole ballgame for me.

We’ve all read the books and articles that say that you have to market yourself on law school applications. But what does that really mean? And how do you do it? How do you know what to choose? Ann knows. She quickly devises a strategy with you and after that you never have to look back or wonder if you’re emphasizing the wrong things about yourself.

You’re just off and running. When I found Ann, I was so demoralized by the whole LSAT experience I don’t think I was really prepared to work my hardest on my applications. Ann kept me on track, on schedule, and never let me get bogged down by doubts or over-thinking. And I didn’t have to guess what the schools wanted because she knew! I really can’t express how lucky I feel to have found Ann. If you really want to go to law school you’d be flat out crazy not to hire her.