Offered Full-Tuition Scholarships to Two T-10 Schools!

I hired Ann because both my GPA and LSAT score were rather average in terms of the overall applicant pools that my go-to schools attracted; I hoped that, by working with Ann, I would be able to highlight my strengths and be a stand-out applicant in terms of non-numeric qualities.

The outcomes of this application cycle have been unbelievable. I was accepted by a top-ranked law school despite falling below both GPA and LSAT medians. Perhaps most importantly, I was offered two full-tuition scholarships from two excellent T-10 schools; clearly, my application stood out among the crowd. Every word in each essay was my own, but, over a series of drafts, Ann offered comments and questions that guided me to composing the most clear and concise essays possible.

The moment that Ann most impressed me with her professionalism was when I was putting together an application for a school that was out of my league–to call it a “reach school” would be generous. Still, I wanted to try. Ann had me compose multiple drafts of each component of the application, offering comments on each. The fact that she took so much care with this far-fetched application meant a lot. She clearly offered me the same meticulous feedback that she would have offered a student who was a shoo-in at the school. Because it was my goal, it became her goal–and that’s pretty awesome.

I would absolutely recommend Ann; you only get to do the law school application cycle once (well, hopefully only once!) and you want to do it right. Ann has been an absolutely indispensable source of insight over the past few months, and I’m so thankful to her for all her help.

(A.E. was admitted to, among many other schools, Harvard Law School)