Offered Full Tuition at Leading School!

Working with Ann throughout the Law School application process was a great, very smooth experience. After doing well on the LSAT, I knew that I wanted to ensure that my application was truly flawless. Ann and her team reviewed all my application materials for each school, offering significant peace of mind when the time came to actually press “Submit”. Beyond this, Ann provided strategic and honest guidance at each step, allowing me to feel confident that I had presented myself in a compelling and cohesive way.

I most appreciated Ann’s responsiveness and excellent insight. She made herself available regularly to answer questions big and small and is thoroughly knowledgeable on all aspects of the admissions process. She is also very analytical and straightforward in her advice, and her thoughtful, no-nonsense approach made it easy to focus on what was truly important for maximum improvement.

My biggest priority in applying to law school was positioning myself to attend law school with minimal debt. Ann’s honest feedback on my weaknesses allowed me to cultivate a polished and informed interviewing presence, which was key to my admission to Harvard Law School. Following some of Ann’s specific advice, I later gave what had to have been the best interview of my life with another top school, and as a result, I was offered a full tuition scholarship and living stipend. While it was a little hard to turn down Harvard, I’m absolutely thrilled to have the chance to attend a leading law school at a cost I can easily afford. I’m very grateful for Ann’s guidance, which was critical in maximizing my opportunities and putting my best self forward at all times.