Non-Traditional Student Success!

Applying to law school is an exciting but also very stressful process that can be fraught with anxiety for even the most qualified applicants. Having graduated from undergrad 10+ years ago with a less-than-stellar GPA, I didn’t think I’d be a viable candidate for any law school, let alone my absolute dream school. The law school application process seemed overwhelming and daunting, and I really needed someone to walk me through each step to ensure that my application was as strong as possible given my numbers. Ann’s knowledge and support has been a vital asset throughout the entirety of my application cycle. She advised me to focus on my nonacademic achievements, asserting that my nontraditional applicant status was actually a strength rather than a weakness. I relied on her guidance as we worked together to craft my personal/optional essays and addenda and formulate a list of safety/target/reach schools that were realistic given my background and numbers. I’m pleased to say that I’ve been accepted to my top two choices, all thanks to Ann’s expertise and encouragement. I can honestly say that in so far as my professional future is concerned, reaching out to Ann was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!