My Dream Will Come True!

Thank you for the coffee mug and the highlighter! It was nice of you. Most importantly, thank you for guiding me through the admission process. As a foreigner who got Bachelor’s in my country, I had a vague idea of the American admission process. Also, I was out of school for 7 years, and life happend in between.

My dream of becoming an attorney will come true thanks to your advice about personal and diversity statements. I didn’t have anybody who could help me to choose the right topic for the statements, what to include, and what to completely avoid. I remember on numerous occasions I was sure my statements sounded positive and right to the point, and your fast review did not approve it. It is hard to be subjective to yourself, especially when 3 pages of essay might make a significant impact on your future life.

I got into my reach schools, and got scholarships as well. I would definitely recommend anybody to use your help in admission process! You are wonderfully organized, and a true professional. I enjoyed listening to some podcasts with you, including Thinking LSAT.