More than Just a Smart Investment

Ann, there are some things, like LSAT prep books, that any prospective law school applicant knows they should invest in. To me, you undoubtedly belong in that category. The experienced, unlimited help that you personally gave me made all the difference in the world, from LSAT prep planning, to editing my personal statement and resume, to interview prep.
But you are more than just a smart investment — you care about your clients and that shows. When I had to take the LSAT a second time, you reassured me, recommended new materials, and helped me change the way I approached the test, helping me score some 17 points higher. As I applied through the holiday season, you were always available for edits and comments. You prepped me so well for my Harvard interview, which I had been very nervous about. On the day of the interview, I was ready for every question that was asked, all due to your prep. When I reported the decisions as they came in, you cared deeply and celebrated with me!
The fact that I’m able to say with a straight face that I got into Harvard Law is insane, and it’s all thanks to you. For that and for everything else, I will be eternally grateful.