Money Well Spent

I hired Ann Levine because I was a non-traditional applicant hoping for admission to a top-14 school and I wanted the extra insurance of an expert advisor. My decision to employ Ann as a consultant was a good one and my money was well-spent. Ann provided much-needed guidance on how to best present my highly varied work and educational experience and she helped me coordinate my resume, recommendations and personal statement into a tight, unified application package that garnered me admission to several excellent law schools. I am now attending Columbia and Ann certainly played an important role.

I would recommend Ann to anyone hoping to gain an edge in the law school admissions process. She is experienced and knowledgeable, in addition to being a constructively honest cheerleader who combines the encouragement and support of a good friend with the expertise of a professional consultant. Her turnaround of materials is lightning-quick, and her availability to her clients is nothing short of amazing. More valuable even than her advice on my application itself was the fact that I knew I could call or email at any time with worries and Ann would respond immediately with sympathy and insight.