Marginal, but Accepted to Harvard!

I never thought about hiring an admissions consultant until a former client of Ann’s HIGHLY recommended her service and shared some of her impressive results. I was initially deterred by the price, but as someone whose LSAT and GPA score made me a marginal candidate at my top choice, I decided the cost would be worth it if I got into my dream school.

I was accepted to my #1 choice, Harvard, and believe my strong personal statement was definitely a key factor in making that happen. Most of my HLS admissions interview was spent discussing my personal statement, and I believe Ann’s feedback helped me tell my story in an extremely effective way.

Getting accepted to Harvard made the price well worth it. I can’t stress enough that Ann, as a former admissions officer, has an objective perspective and eye for what works that our friends, family, and even pre-law advisers don’t have. I can’t recommend Ann highly enough – she really is the Law School Expert!!!