Low LSAT & GPA, Still Got Scholarship!

As a law school applicant, I knew I had two major weaknesses, a low LSAT score, and overall GPA. I hired Ann because I knew I needed help demonstrating to law schools that my low LSAT score and overall GPA would not indicate my future academic performance.

What I enjoyed about working with Ann was that she cares about the success of her clients. While I was in the process of writing my personal statement and addenda, Ann would always give me the best feedback through multiple revisions. She is very dedicated to making sure that the essays that you send in with your application are practically perfect. After working with Ann, I will be attending law school in the fall of this year and have been awarded a 35% scholarship. I am truly grateful for her help. I do not think I would be in the position I am today if I had done the law school application process on my own.