It’s Been A Long Wait, But I Am Glad That I Am In!

Hey Ann, I just want to share this good news with you. This week, I got the offer from Northwestern Law! I was very surprised about the offer since 98% of their students have one year or more of working experience, and I didn’t even write any of the “on hold” essays that they asked me to. I just want to thank you for all the advice that you have given me throughout the process, and your encouragement to take the LSAT for the third time (totally wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t done that!). Thank you!”

the next day:

“I JUST GOT A CALL FROM NYU LAW THIS AFTERNOON AND YES I AM IN!!!!!! omg … this is sooooo exciting …. I guess I don’t have to work on that LOCI after all … Ann, again, I would just like to thank you for all your help! 🙂 NYU: ED -> on hold -> wait list -> acceptance! WOW, it’s been a long long wait but I am glad that I am in finally!