Ann Is So Knowledgeable

When I began the law school application process I did what everyone else told me to do: read a few articles and look through a book to get a general idea of how to approach things. I quickly realized, though, that in order for my application packet to truly stand out I needed further assistance from someone who had firsthand experience with the admissions process.

That is when I found Ann, whose background as a former Director of Admissions for two ABA law schools was exactly what I was looking for. With her assistance, I have been fortunate to receive many offers for admission, a number of which have included scholarships. This was all made possible because Ann is so knowledgeable about how admissions decisions are made.

Ann helped me revise my resume to highlight the skills and accomplishments that would be important to an admissions committee member. Ann also worked with me to create a phenomenal personal statement that presented the unique aspects of my character in a way that was both engaging and informative. I am very proud to say that next year I will be attending a top-tier law school on a full-scholarship, and I could not have done it without Ann’s help.