Keeping Calm During A Stressful Process

I was initially unsure if I wanted to seek help with preparing my law school applications. However, after speaking with Ann for the first time on the phone, her perceptive comments and down-to-earth personality sealed the deal—I felt confident that I wanted to work with her and so glad that I did!

Ann turned out to be instrumental in helping me through the application process. From developing an action plan at the very beginning to discussing wait list strategy at the very end, it was a huge relief to have someone deeply familiar with the process to guide me along from start to finish.

Whenever I had questions or concerns, I knew I could count on Ann to provide a swift and insightful response. This was huge not only in terms of putting together my best application package possible, but also with respect to keeping calm during what is already a very stressful process. I can’t thank her enough!