Ann Worked Around the Clock to Calm My Nerves

Ann came highly recommended through a family member, who, like me, had great grades from a top undergraduate institution, a good but not superb LSAT score, and a desire to attend a T14 school that statistics would say were a long shot. My family member worked with Ann and was able to get into Berkeley, Northwestern, and other top schools, and has since graduated and gone on to a very successful legal career. While I wasn’t skeptical that Ann could do the same for me, I was still nervous given how increasingly competitive the applications process has become and how important getting into a top law school is amidst a recession. Ann worked around the clock to calm my nerves. She recommended a fantastic LSAT prep course, and wisely convinced me to retake the test. I saw a 5 point improvement. She worked with me to bring my personal statement and resume to perfection, and guided me through every single one of the insanely large number of schools I wanted to apply to. Ann’s work ethic and results are simply phenomenal and she and her team are class acts, to boot. Despite applying what many worry is late in the cycle and still not having an LSAT score ideal for the T14, I got accepted into UVA, which is incredible. I’m eagerly waiting to hear back from other schools, knowing that Ann has played such a crucial role in my good news so far.

If you put in the hard work, Ann will help you achieve admission to schools that law school numbers would say are statistically out of reach. Even without the hard work, I’m convinced that Ann is so good at her job that she can work miracles (but I wouldn’t recommend doing that). Ann and her team are worth every penny. If you’re on the fence about hiring her, don’t be. Hiring her is the best first step everyone should take on their legal career.

If anyone ever asks me about law school, I’ll stop them in mid sentence and just say ‘hire Ann’.”

– Max

PS: came home to find a nice beautifully large packet of acceptance stuff from Vanderbilt…you’re the frigging best!!! (Later also admitted to Northwestern Law)