International Applicant with a Ph.D.

I am very happy to let you know that I was admitted by UC Hastings! I am very excited about this opportunity and this new endeavor!

I went to the admitted student day on campus the other day, it was very exciting! During the lunch, the admission dean walked up to me and said congratulation to me, he told me that in his opening speech when he mentioned they have Ph.Ds in their applicants, he was thinking about me and they are honored to have me. The director of the LEOP program also came up to me and hugged me – she asked about my twins. I was very surprised that they remembered me from several thousands applicants.

I am very grateful for your help in the application! Your help made a significant difference! I couldn’t imagine what would happen without your help. You worked very hard, and always replied immediately, reviewed all my materials carefully. Your help made my application standing out! I couldn’t express how thankful I am to your help! Hope to meet you someday! I would like to add that hiring you is a great decision, I would highly recommend you to all my friends. Your personalized help is outstanding!

With heartfelt thanks.