Ann’s Intelligence and Expertise are Key

Yes! If you are seeking help on your personal statement, I would definitely recommend Ann Levine, in fact I recommended her to my sister, who was applying to college last year. Ann was so helpful while I was applying to law school, and her guidance really set me at ease throughout the entire process.

I recommend Ann for the following reasons: first, aside from being a very intelligent woman, Ann has direct experience with the admissions process because she was director of admissions at Loyola Marymount Law. She knows exactly what admissions directors are looking for in a strong personal statement. Second, her style of guidance is to improve upon her clients’ work, so I never felt as though the personal statement was not my own work. It was just better polished and more fluid than I could’ve done on my own. Third, Ann is dedicated to her clients in that if you call her with a question, even if she doesn’t respond right away, she’ll get back to you with an answer by the following day. She was always accessible during my application process. Hiring Ann Levine was definitely a worthwhile investment for me. I got into top 10 ranking law schools, something I thought I’d never achieve. Now I am at USC Law School, and I truly appreciate the help Ann gave me.