Incorporating The Essence of Who I Am

Without Ann Levine’s help, I would not have had such a positive outcome. Although I was always a good student in college, my LSAT score of 153 fell far below my expectations. I didn’t think I would get into any law school, however, I ended up getting into seven very well-reputed schools and waitlisted from tier 1 law schools that were definitely out of my LSAT range.

This was due to Ann’s tremendous help in putting together an application package that stood out while incorporating the essence of who I am and my experiences. Ann will work with you until your essays are perfect no matter how many revisions and alterations it takes. The whole law school application process can cause lots of anxiety, but with Ann’s help, things don’t seem as overwhelming. I would definitely recommend Ann’s services because she has a lot of insight, successful strategies, and the keys to making a mediocre application look like a knockout.