Ann Knows The Ins and Outs

At the time I first contacted Ann, I was a bit of an anxious mess. The law school application process can be pretty complex, especially as there is so much that goes unsaid in application directions. I did call around to a number of other law school advisors, but, even from a simple phone call, I immediately knew that I wanted to work with Ann. Her professionalism was very apparent during that call.

As I began to work with Ann, her blend of expertise, compassion, and toughness proved to be exactly what I needed. She both supported my better decisions and made tough recommendations when necessary. Just as importantly, her communication and availability throughout the process was extraordinary. Whenever I had questions or new drafts, she responded quickly and efficiently.

The same characteristics held true during the times that I grew increasingly stressed and/or grumpy. She was there to talk, offer encouragement, and help me to get back on track in a constructive manner. As I have learned over the past few months, Ann really does know best! The proof of that came by way of the acceptances that arrived in my inbox and mailbox.

I trusted Ann throughout the process, but the acceptances to “reach” schools acted as the final evidence that I needed in order to confirm that she truly is the “Law School Expert.” She knows the “ins and outs” of the admissions process like someone who has been on the other side of an admissions committee (because she has!) Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Ann to anyone looking for guidance during a confusing and stressful process. To put it simply, I can’t imagine getting it done without her!