Ann Was In My Corner

Ann has been my source of guidance, insight, and direction throughout the daunting process of applying to law school. Anyone will benefit from Ann’s expertise as her knowledge of the law school admissions industry is extensive and provides an invaluable asset when applying to law school. Now facing the end of the process, I cannot express enough how much Ann has helped me get to the point I am today.

Law school applications are tough, the competition is fierce, and the general experience can be overwhelming. Through it all, I knew I had something that my peers did not: Ann’s reviews, expertise, and guidance. When my test anxiety was getting the best of me, Ann recommended a wonderful anxiety expert that I never would have found if I didn’t have Ann in my corner.

Ann is compassionate and understanding, but tough in a way that encourages you to put together an application that presents the best version of yourself. For anyone considering a law school admission’s consultant I cannot recommend Ann highly enough. There are many consultants emerging in this field, but Ann has the experience as a former law school admissions dean coupled with a genuine personality and approachability that makes it a delight to work with her. I now have the amazing opportunity of choosing my dream law school and I know that I have Ann to thank for helping me get to this point.