In at NYU Law Thanks to You



As I approach the first week school at NYU Law, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how I got here.


Two years ago, when I started the process of preparing to apply for law school (LSAT studying, etc.), I was completely lost. I knew that I wanted, more than anything, to go to a school like NYU, but I never thought it was really possible. That kind of ambivalent attitude was reflected in my LSAT scores and application essays, constantly doubting myself and getting into my own head.


Then, we had our first conversation.


I told you about my situation: my lackluster score, my shaky confidence in myself, but my unwavering hope to get into the best school I possibly could. Unflinchingly, you set out a strategic game plan to get my application turned around and pragmatic steps I could begin to take to set on this journey.


In fact, this kind of approach defines a lot of why I valued the guidance you provided me. You always told me how, not just where, I could improve: comments and feedback on my writing was pointed and useful, always referencing my application in its entirety. You never gave up on me: after I took the LSAT in June, you encouraged me to try one last time, in September, to get the score I needed.


Thank you for reviewing and re-reviewing (and re-re-reviewing, as I frequently requested) my essays until we both felt comfortable with them. My personal statement and individualized school applications would certainly have been nowhere near the same without you. Thank you for the personalized strategies you would develop with me through our phone calls and email correspondences. You helped me reformulate my application to focus on my strengths instead of (as I kept subconsciously doing) trying to explain away any weaknesses. Most of all, thank you for not just being the guide I could rely on, but the advisor I needed to let me grow to see the forest from the trees.


Undoubtedly, much of my successes in the law school application cycle are, in large part, thanks to you. 



P.S. To all who are considering using Ann’s services, I would like to share this: Ann is a flexible and personalized advisor, all the while providing objective analysis that can transform anyone’s application. I am surprised that even just speaking with Ann isn’t a requirement for anyone looking to apply to law school—in our first conversation alone, she helped me outline a unique strategy to tackle my dreams and, most importantly, inject me with the kind of confidence I needed in order actually achieve my goals.

Being a generally skeptical customer, I never really trust reviews, so let me put it in a way that I know would’ve made me stop and think twice: without Ann, I would have missed the application cycle I wanted to be part of, I would have highlighted the wrong aspects of my application in my essays, I wouldn’t have taken the LSAT one last time to ultimately get the score I needed, and I would have been 100x more disorganized (mix in the fact that I worked a very intense, 70-hour work week job while applying).


Put differently, having Ann by my side was perhaps the most powerful asset I had going into the application cycle. She will help you tap into your potential so that you can go leaps and bounds beyond what you ever expected.


If you want someone to help you develop an effective strategy, to give you an “inside-look” at the application process, or maybe just to bounce ideas off of—it doesn’t matter. Ann is all of these and much, much more. Do yourself a favor and uncover the secret weapon of Ann. You can thank me later.