I Got Into Columbia!

For any other long-term planners out there—give Ann a call. I took the LSAT in October of 2015 and brought Ann on in January of 2016 in order to apply for 16/17 cycle, a full 8 months away. As early as January she had a plan laid out for me all the way up to the application window opening, guaranteeing that I would have the perfect and polished app ready to go right at the whistle. If you’re the type like me who likes to take a long look at things and plan well ahead for any contingency, give her a call and hear what she can do for you.
And if you’re still not convinced after her 30+ pages of testimonials, I’d further add that through her experience and the sheer number of personal statements, she’s legitimately read it all, which gives her the unique qualification to tell you what works and what doesn’t. She personally reads every draft you throw at her until you’re both satisfied, giving you the confidence and peace of mind that the real you is showing through the page and that administrators will take more than just a glance. To give you an idea, I wrote my personal statement about aliens, and got asked about it in every single interview (spoilers: I got in).
-B.M. (Columbia Law)