I am Eternally Grateful!

Dear Ann,

I am so excited to be writing this email to you! I FINALLY made my law school decision after traveling through my Spring Break to compare LSU, Drexel, and Catholic! I will be attending LSU Law come Fall of 2018. I cannot thank you enough for your expertise, help, and advice along the way. I truly know that were it not for your countless revisions of my resume, late night edits of my supplemental essays, and your guidance with how to write my personal statement and what to include or not include I would not have had all the wonderful choices of schools that I did. New England Law was the first school to personally call me and tell me of my acceptance with a large scholarship. Their acceptance packet included a hand written message saying they loved my personal statement and the topic of co-leadership. If it were not for you, I would have never even thought to apply to New England Law nor would I have been able to concisely and clearly write about my co-leadership. So, thank you so much! LSU is obviously close to my heart, but your advisement helped me to see all the schools I could apply to. When I first started down the road of attending law school, I was shy to even talk about schools I was interested because I wasn’t positive that I was a competitive choice. From the first phone call I had with you, you squashed these thoughts and throughout all my applications you helped me bring out all the qualities that made me a competitive applicant. I can never say thank you enough, and please know I am eternally grateful for all that you did to help me!