Honest, Forthright, and Accurate

I found Ann Levine’s website after rewriting my personal statement for the 6th time. Each one of them looked horrible. I emailed Ann and she actually called to speak with me. I was blown away. From that moment on she was my best friend when it came to my personal statement, résumé, and additional essay for scholarships. When I poured my heart out to her about an essay that was very emotional to me, she took those words from my email and helped me see where they were applicable.

I think the best aspect of my experience with Ann was the advice she gave. It was honest, forthright, and accurate. If she tells you to study for the LSAT for three months to a year, believe her, it’s true. I studied for an entire summer, raised my LSAT score 6 points—not much, but coupled with her advice to study until you know it and her help on the personal statements, I was accepted to not just one law school, but four. No, they weren’t Tier 1 schools, but I did get into a school that matched my criteria.

Without Ann’s help, I know I would not be here today — excited to get my law school ID and law school books on my bookshelf. I would be setting up my classroom for the 15th time, hoping maybe I could study for the LSAT one more time. Thanks Ann. I really appreciate your efforts.