I Found Her Honesty Refreshing

When I first contacted Ann, my chances of attending law school were slim. Although I had a strong G.P.A. in both undergraduate and graduate school, low LSAT scores indicated I would not be considered for law school.

Ann was quick to tell me that she did not perform miracles. However, that would turn out to be untrue! She was optimistic, yet realistic. She told me things I did not want to hear but needed to hear as we started the process. I found her honesty refreshing in an industry where students are easily taken advantage of. She made no promises, only that we would work as hard as we could and await the outcome.

Ann worked closely with me in helping to formulate ideas about my personal statement. She did not write my personal statement for me, but instead helped me to think about my life and what would be interesting to write about. Much to my surprise, things that I thought were not interesting turned out to be the most compelling. Ann asked me to dig deep and work through many re-writes. She was instrumental in helping me craft a statement which reflected my diversity as a non- traditional student. The turn around time on feedback from Ann was quick and concise. What had taken me eight months before working with Ann, suddenly took two weeks.

Ann not only assisted with my personal statement, but she also proofed my law school applications and gave me individual advice on what would work best for me.

As a result of working with Ann, I was admitted to five of the ten law schools I applied to and waitlisted at one. Considering my LSAT score, this, in my opinion, was nothing short of a miracle. The law school I will attend this fall was on my dream list.

Ann’s commitment and guidance to me continued after I was accepted to law school. She was available to answer questions about law school preparation as it applied to my circumstances and any other questions I had. I cannot say that most would extend this level of generosity.

Ann is honest and hardworking. She is realistic but optimistic. Most of all she is smart and knowledgeable about the law school process as a former Director of Admissions. I am not sure how anyone can make it through the application process without professional guidance.

I would recommend that anyone, especially non-traditional older students, explore Ann’s services before applying on your own. It was well worth it and I cannot thank her enough. I only hope to make her proud by succeeding.