Ann Will Guide You Through Every Step of the Game

There are definitely secrets to the game of law school applications that go well beyond the numbers alone. Ann Levine knows those secrets. She will guide you through every step of the game with unyielding focus. I am willing to bet that she spent just as much time analyzing my application as I did putting it together. I would recommend Ann to anyone who is serious about presenting the most competitive application possible to wherever they dream of going. For me, it was a small investment that will be paying untold dividends for then rest of my life.

When I heard the good news from my first choice, a top-ten law school, Ann was one of the first people I called. I would not be in this position if I had not decided to give her a call when I was knee-deep in applications last October. I wanted to call her not only to thank her, but also because I knew she would be excited for me. Ann takes a personal interest in your success during the entire admission process. She is a truly dedicated professional, yet with a warm personality and immense enthusiasm. She treats you more like a friend than a client. Thank you again Ann!