I Got Into My Dream School!

I cannot thank Ann enough for all of her help!  I initially hired Ann after hearing wonderful things about her from a friend and after realizing that I did not really know how to go about the whole process of applying to law school.  When I was applying to college in high school, I had a counselor who I could always go to with questions and concerns.  At the large public university I attended, I did not have someone I could turn to for questions.  Ann provided that help and more, and I am so happy I hired her to guide me through the process.

She provided me with a timeline that helped simplify the process tremendously and that helped keep me on top of everything that I needed to get done.  I loved having someone I could talk to about my big concerns and even my silly, little questions.  I knew that if I asked Ann something, I could always count on her to get back to me quickly and thoroughly.

I had a high GPA but an LSAT score that was a little lower than what I had hoped for, and I was worried about how that would impact my ability to get into the T14 schools I was interested in.  I think that Ann’s assistance in refining my personal statement, resume, and actual applications made a big impact!  This early in the cycle (December), I have already gotten into my dream school, Berkeley Law, along with countless other schools that I would absolutely love to attend!  I seriously could not be happier!

Thank you again, Ann, for everything you did to guide me through the process successfully!