Giving Applications The Edge

Applying to law school introduced me to a murky world of competition I had never encountered before. An application alone would not get me where I wanted. I knew I needed information and a strategy. I read books, visited discussion websites, talked to lots of people and grew fearful about my prospects. I visited schools and spoke with admission officers and then grew confident about my qualifications. More confused and worried than ever, I knew that edge I sought should be from someone on the inside who could give me the straight story and be my advocate through the application process…

Ann Levine gave my applications that edge among the thousands of other high-achievers and determined law school candidates. Being able to turn to her and trust her experience and knowledge also gave me peace of mind for the seven nerve-wracking months from applying to deciding among the schools that accepted me. I had no idea how many decisions this process would demand from me, how many questions I would have to answer. With the stakes so high and every detail under scrutiny, I am ever thankful that Ann was available to me every step of the way.

Her informed, clear, insightful advice helped me understand my strengths, present them at their best, and communicate effectively with the schools I pursued. With support, I was accepted to a school in the city I wanted with the specializations I sought and was able to levy my acceptances at other schools for a scholarship at that first choice school. Thank you, Ann!