Genuinely Excited To Work With Me

I remember how devastated I was last spring when I received my LSAT in the mid 150s. I was certain that despite my good grades and strong work experience, my LSAT would effectively rule me out from gaining admittance to a top law school. Discouraged, I searched around the internet for law school admissions counselors and came across Ann’s website. I sent an email to her, and unlike others I contacted, she got back to me that same day.

From the very beginning, Ann was genuinely concerned with my situation and enthusiastic about the prospect of working with me. She assured me that while the LSAT was extremely important, a strong application package would go a long way in the admissions process.

Ann helped me identify my strengths as a law school applicant and showed me how to emphasize those strengths in my applications. Whether it happened to be on a resume, personal statement, or addendum, Ann worked with me daily to craft these items into powerful pieces of writing.

When it came time to send out applications, Ann was always there to proofread everything beforehand. She also made sure that each application was tailored to each school. Additionally, whenever I had any doubts, Ann was always available to talk. If I wanted to make a rush alteration in an application or essay, Ann was always there to give her feedback. There was not one time that she failed to return a phone call or respond to an email. In fact, the turnaround time for her responses was quite remarkable. As an applicant, to have someone you can depend on like that is a huge plus.

Throughout this long process, Ann became more like a friend than merely an advisor. Working with her is one of the best decisions I have made, and I owe much of my success to her.