Ann Levine is a game changer and a dream maker

Ann Levine is a game changer and a dream maker. She can work magic and is one of a kind. Her services are invaluable, and with her help, I am now going to attend my dream law school!

Ann guided me throughout the entire law school admissions process. Everything from selecting schools to editing my personal statement and conducting a mock interview, she was there, always encouraging me to reach high and do my best. We had a strategy, and she helped me craft an application that truly represents who I am and that I was proud to submit. After receiving an LSAT score well below the median of my top choice, I worried that I would have to settle for a lesser ranked school or work my way off of the waitlist. However, neither happened and instead the most positive outcome resulted: I was straight admitted to the one school I aspire to attend more than anything!! I, without a doubt, could not have navigated this process without Ann. In the competitive climate of law school admissions, Ann’s expertise, strategizing, and dedication to each of her clients makes the world of a difference. Additionally, she is an exceptional person.

I very HIGHLY recommend and encourage Ann’s services to any serious law school applicant! She is THE expert. You really do want to give yourself the best shot as an applicant as you possibly can, and I promise you will see results with Ann’s consulting. She changed my life, and she can change yours too by doing what she does best.

Thank you Ann!