Full Tuition Scholarship!

I believe that the help I received from Ann Levine made the difference between my being able to afford law school or not because of the full tuition scholarship that I received. I spent countless hours writing new drafts of my personal statement and diversity statement, and she edited every single one within 24 hours. One of my main problems with the law school application process was including too much information in my statements, but Ann really helped me choose the important details and choose what to leave out. After working with her on my personal statement I decided to upgrade on my package and it was worth the extra money. My resume became greatly improved after brainstorming with her and editing the detailed descriptions of my work and volunteer experience. There was so much I didn’t realize that I didn’t know about the law school admission process, and that is one of reasons she was so valuable to me. I definitely recommend Ann as a consultant, she is an invest ment in your future career.