Full Tuition Offers at Two Top-10 Schools

Before working with Ann, I was skeptical of the idea of hiring a law admissions consultant. I was afraid that she would compose my application for me, and that my voice wouldn’t shine through. In reality, my experience was the opposite. Ann helped steer me in the right direction, but let me hold the reigns. When I first drafted my personal statement and sent it to Ann, she told me that she thought it sounded canned, like a personal statement you would find in a Harvard Admissions Essays book.

Based on my activities and interests, she suggested a unique personal statement idea. With her encouragement, I drafted a perhaps risky, but ultimately one-of-a-kind personal statement that has thus far led to acceptances at every top school I applied to, along with full-tuition offers at two top-10 schools.

Besides the personal statement, Ann is meticulous in her work on every aspect of the application. Together, we must have gone through at least twenty drafts of my resume, focusing on the most minute of details, until it was absolutely pristine.

She was always quick to return a document to me with edits, generally within 24 hours of me submitting it to her. Overall, I have been nothing but pleased with my experience with Ann. I really believe that she was necessary in helping me to craft a stellar law school application, one that led to an early acceptance at the school of my dreams (a top 3 law school).