Present Your Full Self

Ann not only guides you every step in the way of the law school application, she helps you present your full self, which really matters the most in your law school application.

With a strong GPA and good legal experience at the Patent and Trademark Office, I was confident that my chances were high to get admitted to the evening program at one of the top law schools in the DC area. However, after getting a low LSAT score, I thought that my chances had vanished. I decided to seek Ann’s help after a colleague at work highly recommended her services.

Ann helped me to focus on my strengths, my multi-cultural experiences and my unique extracurricular work to make sure that my application stood out and presented much more than just numbers. She helped me articulate my personal statement to perfection and was there whenever I needed her. I have to say that it was amazing how fast she would get back to me either by phone or email.

To sum things up, during the past week, I received acceptance letters from 3 Tier one schools in the DC area, and GW (my top choice) was one of them. I have to say that I was thrilled to find out that I have been accepted to GW with an LSAT score that is way, way lower than the 25th percentile. Thank you Ann, I couldn’t have done it without you.