With Ann’s Help, I Was Able To Stay Focused and Organized

I would recommend Ann’s service to anyone who is seriously considering attending their dream school. With Ann’s help, I was able to stay focused and organized throughout the application process. When I started my cycle, I was apprehensive and unsure about applying. I started the cycle late, was too late to do early decision for any schools, and got an LSAT score that I wasn’t thrilled about. Ann encouraged me to apply anyway. Come March, I was disappointed that I got waitlisted at several schools that I wanted to attend. Ann guided me through the process by helping me with my letters of continued interest. After a while, the good news started rolling in. I was accepted by USC, Duke and Georgetown. Eventually I was accepted off of the waitlist of the University of Chicago Law School with a scholarship!!! I am truly grateful for Ann’s advice and help; I couldn’t have done it without her!