Far Beyond What I Hoped For

As a foreign-educated applicant, I was more than apprehensive when I made up my mind to apply for law school. However, Ann’s expertise has proved to be extremely worthy for someone of my background. She was able to give me a correct assessment of my foreign undergraduate transcript, guide me through the complex process of drafting my personal and diversity statements, providing keen insight on what aspects of my life I should highlight, advise me on whether I should cancel my LSAT score, and help me make a list of schools to apply to when I finally finished the big test. Most importantly, she returns my drafts extremely fast – usually in one business day. With Ann’s help, I’ve been admitted to several top 14 schools so far! These schools are far beyond what I hoped for when I set my goal two years ago, and I believe that working with Ann is the best decision I’ve made in this admission cycle.