Absolutely Fantastic!

Ann turned out to be absolutely fantastic! I used her to help with everything, from my personal statement to filing out my applications to writing supplements for my applications. She helped me craft a personal statement that I (and everyone who read it) thought was superb, especially compared to my first pre-Ann drafts. She was always extremely fast in responding to my e-mails (usually within 24 hours or less). We worked together from July until I had put down my deposit and for most the time we exchanged daily e-mails. What made working with her so great was that I really felt like she took a personal interest in my success …

At the end of the day, I got into two Top-14 schools (Cornell and Berkeley) when my LSAT score should have excluded me from them. I really think that it was Ann’s help that got me into those schools. At one school, both my LSAT score and GPA were low and I got in probably because I had a really strong personal statement. I’m headed to Berkeley in the fall and I have Ann to thank.

I recommended Ann to a friend who was in a similar situation (low LSAT score, high expectations) and she helped her get into a great school that – like me – should have been out of her reach based on her numbers.

Ann is really great and I think that as law school admissions is getting more and more competitive, it is essential to have a person as qualified and competitive as Ann in your corner. I know I wouldn’t want to be competing with applicants who did.