First In My Family Attending Law School

As the first person in my family attempting to go to law school, it was very difficult for me to conceive of how to create an “effective” law school application. After taking my LSAT and graduating college, I thought the rest would be a simple question of gathering a few materials together and sending them in. When I started writing essays and attempting to “package” my materials, though, I realized I had little to no idea what I was doing.

Enter Ann. I got in touch with Ann Levine after stumbling across her website and realizing that her services could be of use to me. Little did I know how immensely her help would aid me in getting into several of my top schools. Ann helped me present myself to schools in the best way possible, and gave my essays the oomph they needed to actually stand out. She worked with me in a kind but firm way, giving me the push I needed to make the necessary changes in my application and put my best foot forward.

Needless to say, it worked! I have gotten into several top ten and top fourteen schools with scholarships, and will be attending the University of Pennsylvania Law School in the fall with a Dean’s Scholarship of over $40,000. I could not have done ANY of this without Ann. She streamlined my application, motivated me to aim for what I truly was capable of achieving, and enabled me to enroll in my top choice university for law school. I am looking forward to spending three years in Philadelphia at one of the greatest law schools in the country, and I could not have done any of it without Ann Levine. THANK YOU SO MUCH!