An Expert At Her Craft

My experience with Ann and Law School Expert was exceptional. Ann truly is an expert of her craft, and a true pleasure to work with. When I decided to apply to law school I realized I knew next to nothing about the process, nor did I know anyone who had recent experience. I found Ann and decided that the cost was worth the peace of mind, knowing that whatever the outcome, I had put the best version of me forward for the law schools to consider.

Ann set up a schedule for me to follow and really organized the chaos that is the law school application and admission process. Ann is a mentor, adviser, and law school professional; but more than that she is a friend, and my biggest cheerleader. When I got into my first law school the only person who had a more excited response than Ann was my own mother. Ann has done whatever is necessary to help me succeed and I know I would not be in the position I am without her invaluable help.