There For Me At Every Step

Working with Ann has been one of the best decisions I have made since deciding to apply to law school. I am not your typical student. I had a horrible undergraduate experience – a GPA below 2.5 – and felt my aspirations to attend a Tier 1 law school were impossible!! I had been out of undergraduate for 10 years, did an MBA and am currently completing my PhD and did exceptionally well in both, but was told that these factors would not be taken into consideration, and so I was discouraged. Ann highlighted my strengths and encouraged me to apply, assuring me that I had a reasonable shot at my first choice Law School (Case Western) and a great chance at the others as well (many of which were also tier 1).

I decided to apply to law school for the 2009 cycle in the summer of 2008. I hadn’t taken the LSAT and had no idea where to start and with my academic and familial commitments – felt overwhelmed. Ann gave me the direction and timetable to work with – she had the organization and the dedication required to help me complete all aspects of applying by the end of October!! Ann always returned my calls and replied to every single email sent almost always within hours!! She responded to my desperate (and I can now say, dramatically exaggerated) correspondences during her holiday dinners, her sister’s wedding, and when she was forced to leave home due to fire danger in her area and had limited Internet access – within hours if not minutes!!

Ann was there for me during my LSAT meltdowns and my application insecurities, meeting my fears with professional insight and care. I heard from the first school in November, the second in early December and just heard from Case Western (mid-December)! Ann has a wealth of information and can answer any law school question you may have. She will help you build your strengths into an illustrious personal statement and thoughtfully explain your weaknesses with any necessary addenda. Ann saved me a lot of time and at times my sanity – she has made this a great experience, she was a great advisor and friend through it all, I would not have done this any other way!