Ann Will Guide You Every Step of The Way

Ann will guide you every step of the way in the law school process. She will return calls and e-mails almost immediately, and no question is a “stupid” question to her. She will help you produce the best application package possible by focusing on your strengths and what you can offer each school; she makes it clear that going to law school is not just about having the grades and the LSAT score. Other parts of the application matter as well, like recommendations and essays!

Ann really helped me to write essays that reflected who I am and what I wanted to show the admissions counselors when I was applying. Not only will Ann read your essay once or twice, she will re-read and give feedback as many times as you want, until you are satisfied with the final product. Moreover, Ann has expert knowledge and advice to give when deciding where to apply and what your chances are. She proofreads every application before it gets sent out to the schools, and will check in with you to see what the status is on your application for each school.

Finally, when you send in all your applications and you start to hear back from the schools, Ann will wholeheartedly take part in the joy and excitement as well as the disappointments. When I called Ann to tell her I received good news from the school I have been waiting for, her reaction made me cry. She seemed happier than anyone to hear the news, and was just as excited and happy as I was. I don’t just recommend Ann to anyone thinking of applying to law schools, I think it is mandatory to work with her if you want to go to your dream law school. Sign up with Ann, you won’t regret it!