Every Step of the Way

Ann Levine is the only way to go! From the minute you sign up for her services, until writing this testimonial almost twelve months later, she is there every step up of the way. The beauty of Ann’s services is she was not only a mentor/guide helping me through each step of the admission process, but she became more of a “mother-figure” to me. When I initially didn’t get the LSAT score I wanted, she was there to console me. When I would receive an acceptance, she would get as excited as my mother.

I remember a specific instance when I was applying to schools. My GPA was in the range of my top choice school but my LSAT was several points below their median. I remember calling her and saying, “Is it even worth me following up and pursuing this school considering my LSAT isn’t near their median?” She replied saying, “What do you have to lose, why not?” I ended up getting wait-listed at the school. Ann helped me tailor my multiple letters of continued interest. When I was losing my patience waiting for a response, I would conjure up several strategies, run them by Ann, and she would tell me which ones she found satisfactory and even some she considered borderline crazy. haha As I write this testimony, I’m a week away from starting at my top choice law school. Yes, I eventually got in off the wait-list and I couldn’t have done it without Ann’s help!

One other major reason I recommend Ann is, most of the top schools require/suggest you to do supplemental essays on top of your personal statement. You’re already overwhelmed with the personal statement, resume and application that these supplemental essays are the last thing you want to complete. This is where Ann comes in. She helps give you that extra push to complete which supplemental essays she thinks will help round out your character best to admission counsels.

Now that I’m starting school, it doesn’t mean my relationship with Ann is over. I gained a friendship over these twelve months and I know Ann will be a figure in my life for years to come!