Early Decision at Penn Law!

It is extremely helpful to have Ann’s guidance throughout my application process. She helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses as an applicant, and develop strategies to fully present myself in my application materials. I am amazed at how efficiently Ann works. Whenever I shared with her a draft of my application materials, she always responded with highly detailed and constructive feedback very quickly. Sometimes I was even able to go through two drafts of a writing material with her in less than 24 hours. Ann really is an expert; she easily identified the highlights in my writing materials and guided me to make them stronger. I am absolutely in love with my personal statement and diversity statement, which collectively present a cohesive narrative and clearly demonstrate why law school is the next logical step for me. Additionally, Ann is a wonderful mentor. When I was worried and confused at various points during the application process, I called Ann who then gave me very professional advice, which helped me objectively evaluate my situations and stopped me from being overly anxious. Having Ann’s guidance and knowing that Ann was here for me have made my application process so much easier. I applied to Penn Law, my first choice, under Early Decision II, and received my offer of admission in only two weeks (in addition to receiving offers from BU and UCLA in less than 10 days). I highly recommend Ann to any prelaw students!