Early Decision Acceptance into UPenn!

Yesterday, I got a call from the Office of Admissions at my dream school,UPenn, informing me that I had been accepted. I know for a fact that I never would have gotten that call if not for Ann. Her expert advice on all aspects of the application process, ranging from the strategic (picking the right LSAT tutoring group, choosing whether to apply Early Decision) to the tactical (endless, meticulous redrafts of my Personal Statement, essays and addenda) were critical to ensuring my application stood out among a hyper-competitive field of prospects.

The process of applying to law school is long and bureaucratic, and without the right guidance, it can be easy to feel rudderless. Instead, with Ann’s project-planning and direction, I was able to complete my applications months in advance while managing a 60-hour work week. She helped break the process down into manageable components, and worked with me at every step of the way to ensure that each aspect of my application was strong and compelling.
Ann’s expertise helped turn my borderline application into multiple top-10 law school acceptances, including Penn. I can’t thank her enough for her work, and I will absolutely be referring her to any of my friends and colleagues who decide to apply for law school.

Thanks so much Ann!