Ultimately, I Was Accepted To My Dream School

“By working with Ann throughout my law school admissions process, I made myself a very desirable candidate to top law schools, and I produced an application that was extremely competitive. Through Ann’s critiques and advice on my essays, she pushed me to create pieces of work that channeled my stories in a succinct and cogent manner, which drew compliments on acceptance letters from different law schools. Her tips and strategies immensely improved my resume as well, as she helped me highlight my strengths and expound on my various accomplishments.

She even assisted me in generating a stellar addendum for my undergraduate grade-point average. Ann was exceptionally punctual at returning my e-mails to any questions that I had, and her vast knowledge of the admissions process definitely gave me a leg up. Even when I was on the wait list at my preferred school, Ann continued to advise me on what beneficial actions I could take to strengthen my case. Ultimately I was accepted to my dream school, and this certainly would not have been the case without the aid of Ann. Most importantly, Ann’s diligent commitment and dedication to my success during this process truly shows how much she cares for her clients. I could not be any more ecstatic for using Ann!”