I Can’t Thank Ann Enough

I can’t thank Ann enough for everything she’s done for me in these past few months to make my dream come true. Being admitted to several top 14 law schools was beyond my expectations. I was not where I wanted to be when I began the application process and in my search for resources to help me navigate through the competitive law school admissions landscape, I found that I was particularly drawn to Ann. I became most confident in her for editing my essays and for answering my most pressing questions.

Ann is always professional, supportive, and replied swiftly whether via email or by phone. With Ann’s encouragement, I retook the LSAT and scored significantly higher. She demonstrated her superior experience and knowledge through the quality of her work on my personal statement: Ann manages to retain the authenticity of my writing and has a superb sense of what to highlight and what to omit, bringing out the best parts of me and differentiating me from other qualified candidates. Despite starting out with a strong resume, I could not have been happier with the refinement Ann brought to it. Most importantly, Ann helped me realize what I could uniquely contribute to law schools. I believe that Ann was integral to my success and she is the weapon you need to come out on top.