The Best Thing I Could Have Done For My Law School Applications

When I was considering applying to law school, I had the full package – amazing grades, leadership experience, a strong undergraduate major from a reputable university. I had my hopes set very high and I wanted to attend a top law school. So after months of preparing for the LSAT, I was upset to learn that I had received a 160, a score that would undoubtedly hinder me from being a competitive applicant at top-14 and top-20 law schools.

In searching the Internet for advice and “success stories” of past applicants, I stumbled upon Ann’s website. I immediately contacted Ann, who reassured me that I had every right to set my hopes high and that with my credentials I would get into law school. So with Ann’s invaluable advice I set out to craft a great personal statement. Ann was there through every step of the process. Applying to law school can be quite daunting, especially since the sheer number of competitive applicants at top schools is incredible.

It really helped having someone on my side who was first of all honest about my chances and who answered any questions I had no matter how insignificant they initially seem to me. In the end I am happy to report that I recently sent in my tuition deposit to Georgetown University Law Center. I am convinced that I was accepted to my first choice law school because of Ann’s assistance. The Dean of Admissions even wrote a personal note on my acceptance letter commending me on my personal statement! Hiring Ann was the best thing I could have done for my law school applications. Ann, thank you for all of your hard work. In the opinion of this happy future law student, you are truly THE Law School Expert!